Your Complete Window & Door Solution

Your Complete Window & Door Solution

Practicality, functionality and style is the motto we work by when it comes to the manufacturing and installing of all doors and windows. Our experience obtained over the years and over hundreds of projects, along with the excellent craftsmanship and professionalism of our staff members, the ethnics of a family business, and the 10 year guarantee on all our glass and aluminium products, is what makes us stand out among many other aluminium companies situated in South Africa.

Our Process

From concept to creation.

Process 1. The first step in getting a project on the go, is to make initial contact to set up a meeting for a quote. This can be done by sending a mail to admin@elegantga.co.za, phoning our offices on 021 854 54 52 or by coming around for a cup of coffee at our offices, 21B van Zyl Street, Strand.

Process 2. A Site Manager will give advice and take measurements on a site where a quote is needed. We have staff members that only does the quotes at our offices, which means a quote shouldn’t take any longer than 24 hours to be completed. Once the quote is settled and accepted, another final measurement will take place and other finer detail will then be discussed on site.

Process 3. Now the manufacturing process begins. This may take time, as we custom build our windows and doors to suit the client’s or builder’s requirements. Only the best material and hardware gets used here.

Process 4. The last step is where the whole project comes together. Here we install and finish all windows and doors manufactured in our factory. Along with this, comes our guarantee and after sales services which we offer to all our clients.


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